Shopify and BigCommerce Web Design Essentials – How to Build a User-Friendly Online Store

Selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform is essential for the success of your business when starting an online store. With their features and intuitive user interfaces, Shopify and BigCommerce are two of the top competitors in the world of online shopping today. Technically, both are software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales platforms that rely on subscriptions.

Businesses of any size can create virtual shops or sell things on other marketplaces or social media platforms by utilizing Shopify, a well-liked e-commerce website builder. For companies looking for a complete e-commerce solution, Shopify is a fantastic option. In addition to processing payments, the organization offers shipping savings, inventory control, banking services, and, for certain sellers, even loans. 

BigCommerce, a top cloud-based e-commerce platform, is ideal for companies that are both established and expanding quickly. BigCommerce gives you access to countless opportunities for growth, development, and innovation. With the help of eye-catching design tools and a safe, user-friendly eCommerce platform, BigCommerce allows you to create imaginative and captivating shop experiences while managing operational complexity.

Thus, it is impossible for us to choose one platform over the other, but we can assure you that they are both user-focused, so let’s learn more about creating an online store that is easy for customers to use! If you have any doubts or if you need help, our Slick team is here for you.


Tips for Creating a User-Friendly Online Store


Whether it is done online or in person, shopping should be pleasurable. However, without a user-friendly website, all the pleasure is gone, and before you know it, visitors will be leaving your website and checking out your competitors.

  • Optimize Website Loading Speed


It’s one of the first things to think about when starting an online store, and one of the difficulties you’ll have is giving your customers a fast and completely functional online store. According to recent surveys, because the majority of online buyers abandon a website after waiting for it to load for three seconds, speed is an essential requirement to achieve. 

Conversion rates can decrease by an average of 0.3% for each second that your page loads. It is imperative that this issue be resolved in order to maintain user engagement and avoid possible clientele loss. Remember that loading time has a big influence on the behavior of online shoppers, and make sure your online store is hosted by a trustworthy web host.

  • Simplify the Website’s Navigation


When building your website, keep in mind that simple navigation can improve the user experience and encourage more purchases. If your homepage is overflowing with content, users will most likely become disinterested and find another website. This is particularly valid for online stores that offer thousands of different products. 

Organize your primary categories in the header to make it easier for customers to find products. Clicks are minimized with open navigation since each click adds a small amount of work that builds up over the course of the website. After the user has made their first choice, utilize drop-down menus to present further possibilities. Ensure that the names of the categories and subcategories make sense and make this experience as smooth as it can be.

  • To Improve User-Friendliness, Make Use of Reliable Payment Methods


In the era of purchasing online, security is a key consideration when making a selection. You must establish your trustworthiness in order to turn a visitor into a buyer. Having highly visible, trusted payment option icons on your website is one of the simplest strategies to win over users’ confidence. 

Many customers are still unwilling to give their bank information to an unknown seller, despite the commerce sector’s rapid shift towards digital retail. Making sure that they are aware of these safe payment choices from the very beginning reduces any early worries about their card details being stolen, creating a trusting and confident environment from the beginning of their shopping experience.

  • Optimize Your CTA Buttons


Call-to-action buttons (CTAs) are essential components of a successful user experience because they motivate users to take action and guide them to the desired location. Take care when designing them because they are the easiest approach to increasing conversion rates quickly. 

Understanding your audience is the first step to optimizing your forms and call to action. What are their objectives, what are their pain areas, who are they, and why do they do what they do?  Knowing your audience will help you create groups based on their behavior and intent, and you can then modify your forms and call to action accordingly. For instance, you can utilize various forms and calls to action (CTAs) depending on whether a visitor is new, returning, a devoted customer, or VIP. CTAs need to be bold and colorful in order to stand out, and they should have clear language that explains to users exactly what will happen when they click the button. If you need professional help with optimizing your CTA buttons, you can find out more about our web design service here.


  • A Constantly Visible Search Bar


Users want to quickly locate the products they want. With a search bar, buyers may start their focused search for the product or service they’re looking for right away. Make your search bar visible and simple to use. The search icon is typically located on the right side of the header of websites because that is where most users are accustomed to finding it.

Creating a user-friendly ecommerce platform for Shopify or BigCommerce is a critical first step in being successful in the online business arena. You can build a website that gives visitors a smooth and pleasurable experience, which will boost conversion rates and help your business expand, by using the helpful suggestions provided in this article.

Your website becomes more than just a place to purchase after you make these adjustments. It becomes a spot where people enjoy returning, which helps you develop a loyal base of clients who adore your products. Thus, keep improving your website so that your company can flourish in the online market.